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Rotary do like to be beside the Seaside

It is often overlooked but Rotary Clubs are all about service in the community, groups of people of all shapes, sizes and ages, looking to help make life a little better for some of the more vulnerable and needy people in our community. However, this time we’ve slightly changed tack, to focus on the “deserving” ... our NHS.

Southsea Castle Rotary Club came into contact with a representative from Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, caretaker for a beach hut in Southsea that is exclusively available to all staff at the hospital. It was agreed that the hut would benefit from a "refresh", to improve the experience for its users.

So, the club, under the expert management of John, undertook the repair, repainting and refurnishing of the hut in the first week of October.

Fortunately, the forecast monsoon did not materialise, allowing is to make good, speedy progress.

The first few days saw the repainting work, with our club crew of Carol, Peter, Morley, Ian and Ken, doing the prep' and painting of the walls and ceiling, under the watchful eye of our master builder, John.  With the paint dry, John could then come into his element with the cabinets, fridge, lino etc..

The NHS in general (QA in particular) have been fantastic since March 2020, keeping us all as safe as possible. So, it was with pride, pleasure and humility that Southsea Castle Rotary club members gave their time for free, together with some extremely kind providers of materials etc from within the club itself elicited by various members, including Alan. Hence, we would like to thank in particular, Johnstones Decorating Centre in Goldsmith Avenue (thank you). Lovely to give something back.

As a club we develop a programme of community projects.  If you have need of our support - and we have the capacity to contribute - provide us with some details by completing this form.  Or alternatively email our club Community officer, kenebbens@aol.com

More insight can be found regarding local Rotary Club activities in our column, every first Friday of each month in the PORTSMOUTH NEWS - "Rotary in the Community".

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