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Presidential Handover 2021 - Covid secure!

The thing about being in Portsmouth is - we have some great places to run events.  This year, through the efforts of Alan Priddy, we signed up to have our presidential handover at the Royal Albert Yacht club.  How exciting!

Sadly, Covid interfered, leaving us without a location to run our event, and the prospect of doing yet another online meeting!  Up steps our saviour, club Secretary, Morley, who volunteered his back garden for the evening as a replacement venue.

Although not all members could attend, for one reason or another, those who did enjoyed each others cmpany for the first time this year!  And in between the chat, plannng, crisps, coffee and cake -  we also managed to squeeze in the induction of our new President, Iulia.

In her acceptance speech, Iulia thanked Jennie for her Presidency, which covered the extraordinary period of Covd Lockdown.  From all of us Jennie - thanks!

Iulia then took the opportunity to express her desire to get the club moving again.  Rotarians are "people of action", and she is very keen to live up to that strap line.  Whilst we have all been frustrated by the general inabllty to run projects during lockdown, the imminent relaxation of covid restrictions will, once again, present the opportunity to contribute to our local community.  Now is the time for the club to think about our Project Programme.  Over the coming weeks, members will be submitting new project ideas and building up proposals for members to select and promote into our active Programme.

Iulia repeated her desire to focus on two Rotary themes - Environment and Community.  So these two themes will be fundamental requirements for all of this years new Projects.

I think i would be fair to say that our first face-to-face meeting this year was enjoyed by all and has started the process of getting things done - again.

Rotarians - People Of Action!

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