Southsea Castle Rotary Club

Southsea Castle Rotary Club are brought together by the common aims of Rotary, working to improve the lives and welfare of people in our area and further afield through Rotary International.

Our Club prides itself on being open, welcoming and active. Southsea Castle Rotary Club has led the way in our District with inclusivity and equality because we have always believed that Rotary is for everybody.

In an age of cynicism and self-interest, we think it is still relevant to give back, help others and make the world a better place for people and nature.

Club Meetings

Our Club meets every Wednesday, most weeks of the year.  Over the years we have run our meetings from several different locations.  Currently we use the Holiday Inn, Pembroke Road PO1 2TA.

Club meetings cover the organising and planning of our activities, reporting on our recent work and enjoying a meal, in each others company.

We are organised, with a President, Vice President and several Officers managing specific aspects of our work. Hence we get things done!

Project Activities

We have provided a list of projects on the front page of our website.  The list automatically updates as we complete Projects, so you can see just how active we are.

What you can't see on the wesbite is the work we have in planning.  Members bring Project Ideas to the Club, most every week.  New ideas are added to our Project Management system, shared amongst members, who consider and score them.  The highest ranked projects are then matched to our available resources and promoted to Live Projects, part of our overall Programme of works.  Sounds a bit "business-like" but, frankly, handling things efficiently and openly like this ensures that all members have their say - and it makes more time for other things.

Active Club Members


Construction Consultancy; Club President: 2017-2018

Michael Barber


Charity Director and Life Coach.

Jennie Brent


Chartered Surveying; Club President: 2000-2001

Peter Chandler


International Development; Club President: 2018-2019

Clare Darlow


Client Account Manager and software specialist

Iulia Eana-Vlad


Life Insurance; Club President: 2019-2020, 2016-2017

Ken Ebbens


Property Management

Carol Jenkinson


Head of HR Innovation Group

Belinda Locke


Active Tenor, vocal coach and music teacher

Simon Long


Motor Engineering & Sailing

Wayne Priddy


Motorboat Engineer, British Powerboat Sailor & Adventurer

Alan Priddy


Universities; Club President: 2008-2009, 1998-1999

Morley Stewart-Jones


Owned a well established Barber shop and worked in this profession for 60 years before I retired. Now I'm living a pun-derful life! Club President: 2009-2010

Ian Tamplin


Public Relations

Alistair Thompson


Building Services; Club President: 2011-2012, 1997-1998

John Timmins


Accountancy; Club President: 2014-2015

Simon Williams


Computers; Club President: 2006-2007, 1996-1997

Jerry Wilson