Is Southsea Castle Rotary Club for you?

Don't just think it - do it!

Experience the impact of your ideas and deeds, on people in need. Our projects make the community and environment better.

Influence the Agenda

Share your aims and ideas and achieve positive change. All members are involved in our projects, from concept to delivery.

Experience Rotary

Feel the enthusiasm, become part of a club making a positive difference. There is kindness in this world - it's in us all.

Get Right to the Point

Ensure the hard work you put is effective. Rotary is proudly lauded as the most effective volunteer organisation in the World. 

Walk the Walk

Everybody thinks it, some people talk about it - Rotarians walk the walk and go the extra mile to deliver it.

Make New Friends

Meet and make new friends. So many like-minded people in our district and around the World. Enjoy this shared experience.

This is why we are involved with Southsea Castle Rotary

Our Club is one small cog in this great Rotary machine, doing great works locally and around the world.


"welcomed with open arms"

"friendly, open and inclusive"

Club Secretary

"Giving Back to the Community"

"Fellowship and Friendship"


"Supported me so much"

"Enourmous Impact its' global work can have"

"First Class Camaraderie"

Vice President


"International projects and the wider world"


"Healthier Work / Life balance"


What do you get when you join Rotary Club of Southsea Castle?

          1. A subs bill (!)

          2. A whole load of things to do in your spare time

          3. The opportunity to give back to the community

          4. Regular Wednesday evening meet-ups

          5. New Friends (us!)

          6. A platform to push your own charitable interests

          7. A wider outlook - National and International contacts (more friends!)

          8. Presentations from interesting / influential speakers

          9. Become part of the Rotary global community of 1.5 million people

          10. Pride in Rotary works - greatly responsible for the eradication of Polio

          11. Respect of others in the community

          12. A pin badge

          13. Did I mention the subs?


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