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Covid Marshalls showing off free shirts!

Check out these two fine figures! Carol and Ken are pictured above, modelling the latest in “stand-out” fashion clothing at a recent club meeting.

They were given these shirts for completing literally months of “standing-out” --- in the lovely English summer weather, marshalling queues of people nervously waiting for their Covid vaccinations.  So our two stand-out heroes can now proudly wear these striking shirts.

Of course, the pandemic efforts are not yet over!  Vaccinations and boosters are still happening en-masse!  So we are all hoping they will carry on doing a great job, for us all.

And one small piece of advice, if anybody from the NHS is reading this? Whilst the shirts are great for the warmer months, we’d like to point out that it is now Autumn.  So, perhaps the next item of clothing could be some kind of hat wear.  Considering the coming autumn gales, this will help Ken keep what’s left of his hair out of his eyes.  At least until it’s long enough to be tied back in a pony tail!!

Well done Carol and Ken – thanks from us all.

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