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Chris Brannigan steps out - again, this time it's 1,200 miles!

Chris Brannigan, Associate Member of Southsea Castle Rotary Club, flew out to the US this week, to continue his truly epic and inspirational challenge to achieve a genetic therapy for CdLS.

Most of us feel we've achieved something when we manage our 10,000 steps!  How about walking 3,500,000 steps - over a period of 90 days (or so!), carrying a 55 lb rucksack of camping equipment, to sleep outdoors with?  Still not impressed?

OK, take your shoes and socks off and do it barefoot!  That's Chris's challenge.  An impossible feet (!) of endurance and pain.

But Chris knows what he is doing - he's done it before.  A short, 35 day walk from Lands End to John O' Groats - a mere 700 miles.  During his first walk he raised an amazing £500,000 and a good deal of awareness of CdLS.

To do our bit, we are raising awareness with all Rotary Clubs along his journey.  Offering the chance for US clubs to shine and support him along his route.  Let's see if our partners and friends across the Atlantic can help him achieve his goal?  A fantastic way independent project we can all support, and get Rotary activities moving again after Covid has been so disruptive.

Please follow / support Chris directly on Instagram (@hopeforhasti).

Most importantly, to donate, please visit: https://www.gofundme.com/f/hopeforhasti 

His planned stops on this journey are;

  1. Bar Harbor, MN - START
  2. Ellsworth, MN
  3. Bangor, MN
  4. Monroe, MN
  5. Freedom, MN
  6. Palermo, MN
  7. Gardiner, MN
  8. Brunswick, MN
  9. Portland, MN
  10. Biddeford, MN
  11. Portsmouth, NH
  12. Hampton, NH
  13. Topsfield, NH
  14. Boston, MA
  15. Framingham, MA
  16. Warchester, MA
  17. Sturbridge, MA
  18. Crystal Lake, CT
  19. Hartford, CT
  20. Meriden, CT
  21. New Haven, CT
  22. Bridgeport, CT
  23. Norwalk, CT
  24. Port Chester, CT
  25. New Rochelle, NY
  26. New York, NY
  27. Hazelton, NJ
  28. South Brusnwick, NJ
  29. Appletree Hill, PA
  30. Philadelphia, PA
  31. Wilmington, PA
  32. Perryville, MD
  33. Joppstowne, MD
  34. Baltimore, MD
  35. Ammendale, MD
  36. Washington, MD
  37. Woodbridge, VA
  38. Stafford, VA
  39. Thornburg, VA
  40. Ashland, VA
  41. Richmond, VA
  42. Petersburg, VA
  43. McKenney, VA
  44. South Hill, NC
  45. Middleburg, NC
  46. Franklinton, NC
  47. Raleigh, NC
  48. Coats, NC
  49. Fayettville, NC
  50. Salemburg, NC
  51. Warsaw, NC
  52. Beaulaville, NC
  53. Richlands, NC
  54. Jacksonville, NC

Well, that's the plan!  No doubt the odd injury, mishap, etc. may disrupt this, so the support of Rotary Clubs along the route will be so appreciated - helping us all keep up to date.

As I wrote this news article I struggled not to use an exclamation mark at the end of most every sentence.  So we'll end this article with ...

Come on Chris - you can do it!!!!!

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