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Andrew Cullen and Danny Cowley – two great speakers, from our great football club

Southsea Castle Rotary Club is incredibly grateful to the people who give their time to visit our club to speak about their passion and background, often with a focus on Portsmouth.  This week was a special one, with the CEO (Andrew Cullen) and Manager (Danny Cowley) of Portsmouth FC joining us for a Question and Answer session, open to members, guests and friends of Soutshea Castle Rotary Club!

Whilst not everyone is a fan of football, everybody in Portsmouth recognises that Portsmouth FC is an important part of our community, with a history we are proud of.  So we were delighted and grateful to have Andrew and Danny join us for an evening Question and Answer session.

Firstly we'd like to give a shout out to our new hosts - the Holiday Inn, who provided great food, service and accommodation, so important to make this kind of event a success. As our first event of this kind, it couldn't have been managed better, which bodes well for our forthcoming Programme of Q & A events.

For those people who don't follow football, you might think the evening would be less than interesting.  But both Andrew and Danny started by telling us about their journeys to the role they currently serve.  Fascinating insights into where these two people came from and ... where they want to go to with Portsmouth FC.  Two people with strong and successful track records, who bring experience and a culture of success to Portsmouth.  Both have a passion for football and ambitions for the club that will surely (with a touch of luck!) bring the success that supporters crave.

The event was covered by the News, so we won't divulge any juicy gossip or news that might have come up on the night.  Instead we will simply confirm that Portsmouth FC, under the leadership of these two people, is committed to the community of Portsmouth and surrounding areas - not quite reaching as far as Southampton :) - which is greatly encouraging to fans and non-fans alike.

Thank you to Andrew and Danny - and Play Up Pompey!

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